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Health is the most valuable and important thing for each of us! Healthy development of body flexibility, healthy eating behavior, and right habits allow you to feel light and comfortable, minimize body clamps, and improve the posture, gait, and overall health of the whole body!
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  • Health Myths

    If you want to go over to the side of a healthy lifestyle, first, you need to understand the fake facts in this world. And I'll help you with this!

  • Nutrition Supplements

    From time to time, I go through various nutrient facts in detail and add them to my supplements guide, which I can share at your request.

  • Workout Diary

    My Workout Diary contains various exercises for each muscle group, and short but detailed info on muscle groups. I update my Diary every 3 months with new workouts plans.

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I'm a healthy lifestyle enthusiast and always apply the scientific method to all facts I can find on topics related to nutrition, health, and workouts. I believe our lifestyle should be optimized but not limited to minimum food choice options or "good habits only" behavior. I aim to help people like me to find the ideal balance between the world of pleasure and health.

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Subscribe to my weekly newsletter and be aware of all the most exciting and relevant info!

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Subscribe to my weekly newsletter and be aware of all the most exciting and relevant info!

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